For all of you who are aware of the “Other Opioid Crisis” – Untreated and Undertreated Chronic Pain has lead 10,000 + suicides in the last 5 years. This is due to a surprisingly growing trend in the USA, which includes little and/or NO PAIN MANAGEMENT HELP. This is a “rough draft copy” of a letter inquiry to many attorneys / contacts. I hope to send to this inquiry to any Lawyer or Attorney at Law that can help with this. I live in Boulder, Colorado- does anyone know where to go for real help?

   Rough Draft: “I was wrongfully discharged by a pain management provider 5 months ago(JOHN P. HUNDLEY PA-C). I have received any medical treatment or pain management since then. I have  suffered severe physical and mental trauma. My overall Quality Of Life is abysmal, ALSO, few people other then CPP’s know this(or acknowledge the seriousness of it). Fact:

Untreated Chronic Pain can Kill!

 “So many people, including our clueless government representatives do not realize that severe untreated chronic pain can lead to death. They think it is just an innocuous “pain in the behind” for those that live with it. It doesn’t interfere with their lives or the lives of the CDC, FDA and several others such as, Big Pharma and the many physician run drug treatment centers in the USA.”
 My last “provider”, John P. Hundley PA-C, of South Pointe Clinic is currently under investigation by the CO Med. Board for Fraud, and several other problems.  I need advice. I NEED HELP QUICKLY.
  And, I need to be treated like a human being by providers. The 8+ providers I have seeked help in last 5 months refuse to prescribe and refuse to treat. I believe I need help with this: a complaint to the state insurance commissioner, and filing a complaint in a local court to get relief.
 I know you probably do not specialise in health care cases. But, at least try to HELP ME w/ filing a complaint  in a local court so I can get medical care for the next few months/years.
  And, Yes, I am trying to make a living in the Automotive Industry(this is notoriously hard on people’s bodies). Unfortunately, over the last 5 months, I spent 18-20 hours in bed, due to severe uncontrolled pain and complications. Progression of health problems includes these: muscle spasms/ sciatica/ radial nerve/ Cervical Spine radiation and severe pain/  Insomnia/ Worsening CPS (chronic pain syndrome, and several other problems. My over-all health has been seriously compromised. Also, my quality of life is a big fat zero.
Thanks, Scott S Haight and Peggy Richardson(Mother). Note I give full authorization for you to discuss my “case” and medical problems associated with this obvious torture. If you need me to E-sign a legal document, just text me @(720-273-3352) or email me
This what I learned scanning from “Chronic Pain Networks”: I / WE NEED TO FILE A COURT COMPLAINT / get legal help!!!
Quote from article: “HMO balked at the cost of fentanyl and suggested that she was not really hurting. A physician at the clinic told her she was drug seeking. A clinic pharmacist yelled at her when she came to pick up medications and told her not to come back for “her drugs.” It took an HMO appeal, a complaint to the state insurance commissioner, and filing a complaint in a local court to get her relief. A little over a year later, a re-evaluation started it all over again.”

Untreated Chronic Pain can Kill!

I have included this article from National Pain Report:

And, this article about patient rights, I DO NOT THINK ANY PROVIDERS CARE ABOUT THESE RIGHTS, especially if your are like me “Scott Haight, the drug seeking addict, who does not deserve medical care” then you probably have experience some discrimination and unconstitutional shit / verbal treatment lately.


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